Are you a Creator, Artist, Writer or a Fan?

If the answer is yes then our Creator Area at the Comic Con Ireland is for you! Our aim is simple: to bring together comic creators of all styles, mediums and levels to join together in one equal space and promote the good word of sequential art.

The Comic Con Ireland and its visitors provide a unique fusion for creators and fans to gather and share in sequential art goodness with those both new and experienced to the medium.

So why not join us? Love and ink

The Comic Con Ireland Comic Village Team

Enquiries regarding Creator Area ‘ONLY’ email:

Artist & Creator Line-Up


Aidan Fox Art
I’m an artist who works in charcoal and pencil. Most of my art is inspired by scenes from movies and tv shows and are all in black and white. Facebook and Instagram are both Aidan Fox Art.

Green Rat
Tia Friedel, alias Green Rat, is a freelance graphic designer, illustrator and 2D animator.
Additionally, she is a huge nerd and likes zoology, mythology, music, reading books, watching films, series, cartoons and playing videogames all of which inspire her dark but fluffy art.

Back Pocket Comics

Optimus-Princeps Art
I’m a freelance artist with an intense love for colours and eye-catching palettes. I’ve been drawing all my life but have only pursued art as more than a hobby within the last year or two when my style fully developed into what it is today. Since then, I’ve shared my work at a number of conventions around Ireland and hope to continue doing so well into the future. I look forward to meeting everyone at Ireland!

Eric Crowley – Art n Card
My work consists of prints in A3, A4 and A5, a folder with various prints of my work, key rings, stickers, bookmarks, and others. I also have badges being made just for this show!

I work in a variety of different art styles, ranging from traditional acrylic canvas paintings to digital illustrations. My main inspirations are drawn from cartoon and comic book art.

Artsy Ruthless
Karla McKnight is an Irish animator, illustrator and character artist. She loves working with urban fantasy settings, and throwing pinks and blues over every piece of fanart she can. Karla is currently working on a comic, Skull & Tomes, and her own animated short, Hello Pumpkin!

Astro Cube

Landy Art

I am both a traditional and digital sculptor. I make original collectible products for the community committed to the collection of figural art.