Cosplay is a massive part of every Comic-Con, and Ireland is no exception! Children & adults alike dress up to display their love for their favourite characters. So if you are worried that you might be alone if you were to cosplay as your favourite superhero, anime or video game character, elf from Lord of the Rings or Jedi from Star Wars- don’t! You’re in good company.

Comic Con Ireland want to announce Guild of Nerds will be running cosplay at Comic Con Ireland. Saturday will be the general masquerade, you can sign up on the day from the Guild of Nerds cosplay area.

We will have categories for an overall winner, best stage impact, best build, best group, judges choice and more.

Sunday we will another general masquerade and we will host Irelands Eurocosplay qualifier right after., an online sign up form and details will be posted shortly. The winner will represent Ireland at the Eurocosplay finals in London.

Judges will be announced shortly.


Costume, Weapons & Props Rules
Cosplay is welcome in all parts of the show however it is necessary to set some restrictions as it is a family friendly event. Note in particular that metal blades (sharp or blunt), working projectile weapons, and wooden or metal bats & paddles are all forbidden.
Download the full Comic Con Ireland Costume Weapons and Props Rules HERE.

Cosplay Contests
There is a contest known as a Cosplay Masquerade on both the Saturday and Sunday of the show. It is free to participate in them or to watch. They will both take place on the main stage towards the end of the day.

Cosplay Facilities
At the Cosplay Desk, there is a range of assistance available to cosplayers. This includes changing areas, supplies for repairs as well as assistance, storage for cases, and admin support for the Cosplay Masquerades.
You do not have to be in the Cosplay Masquerades to make use of these facilities.

Photography & Videos
Be aware that people will be taking photographs and videos at the event, and by attending you consent to this. That does not mean you should not expect good manners of course! If you do experience problems please make the security team aware of the issues as soon as possible.
View the event photography rules at the foot of the page here.

Common Questions

Do we have to enter the Cosplay Masquerade if we are cosplaying?
Not at all! In fact, there’s far too many people in cosplay to ever fit them all into the Cosplay Masquerades.

Contact Us
Email the Cosplay Team by sending an email to or speak to them at the Cosplay Desk if you have any queries.