•  First MCM eSports tournament in Ireland
•  All games live on stage and streamed on Twitch
•  Ultra Rapid Fire community games with Riot members
•  Skin code giveaways at the event, on Twitch chat and through Twitter

The MCM eSports team’s latest stop was at MCM Ireland ComicCon in the sunny city of Dublin. Eight Irish teams had signed up to battle it out on the eSports stage for a prize pool of €1000 and a huge 23,140 Riot Points.

The first game of round one saw Elysium take on Chronic Gamers. First Blood came just three and a half minutes in with Elysium’s jungle Lee Sin pulling off a great early gank and destroying the Morgana support of Chronic Gamers; but Chronic Gamers’ Caitlyn quickly took advantage of Lee Sin’s tower dive and took him out to level the score at one kill apiece. Towers were being traded for kills until Elysium took the lead at around twenty five minutes into the game. Chronic Gamers seemed to struggle with engages from there on in, and Elysium closed out the game with a win just five minutes later.

Game two put Azure Azimuth up against Full Troll Mode in a lightning fast game that saw thirty kills in just twenty five minutes. This time it was top lane that awarded First Blood to Full Troll Mode’s Renekton, with four more kills being picked up by the team in the next five minutes. Despite their mid lane Zed picking up four kills himself, Azure couldn’t seem to power through the team fights and their nexus went down with a final score of twenty three to seven.

Community Matches with Riot Soundwave and Navigator.
Community Matches with Riot Soundwave and Navigator.

With the first two games settled, it was time for Riot to take the stage. Riot Navigator, Riot Soundwave and Riot Draggles captained the teams of crowd volunteers in the fast-paced Ultra Rapid Fire mode on Howling Abyss. Our brave casters Blood Penguin and Komalala took on the challenge of keeping up with the flurry of attacks, disengages and ultimates – you can see how they and the teams did over on our Twitch channel!

As the community matches came to a close, next to play were Na Fianna taking on Looking Through the Void; and the first showing of newest champion Vel’Koz in the mid lane. It was also Vel’Koz who picked up First Blood, obliterating Void’s Annie with a well-timed Flash engage. Annie got her revenge ten minutes later, but it seemed too little too late as Na Fianna were five kills ahead and showing no sign of slowing down. Vayne and Vel’Koz were sitting on twelve kills each as the nexus dropped, sending Na Fianna into the semi-finals.

Prinnies Doodz threw down the gauntlet to X Gaming in the final match of round one. X Gaming took an early kill and gold lead, but the Doodz pulled back a few vital kills between fifteen to twenty minutes in. However it was too little too late, and the X Gaming snowball kept running to a total of thirty one kills to the eleven of Prinnies Doodz.

Saturday’s games were done and dusted, and the crowd and teams disappeared to psyche themselves up for a feast of semi-final and final action on Sunday.

Another morning face-off for Elysium, this time going up against Full Troll Mode for a place in the grand final. The match started with an early game lane switch, Elysium putting Ryze in bot lane to deal with Sivir and Zyra while Full Troll Mode’s Wukong took on Caitlyn and Morgana in top lane. It was Pantheon who picked up two early kills for Full Troll Mode, spurring Elysium on to try and catch up by grouping up early to counter strong lanes and ganks. The two teams traded back and forth for the rest of the match, pushing the game to be the longest we have seen at forty seven minutes. Full Troll Mode manage to secure a Baron kill and made a final charge on Elysium’s base, repelling the defending champions and making short work of the nexus.

 The last place in the final came down to a battle between Na Fianna and X Gaming, with both teams picking solid champion line-ups. A mid-lane face off between Kha’zix and Nidalee saw First Blood going to Na Fianna, followed shortly after by a one-for-one trade in top lane. At fifteen minutes the teams were tied with four kills each, only one tower and a thousand gold in favour of X Gaming. A huge clash in mid-lane put Na Fianna ahead with a superb four-for-nothing trade, but X Gaming reformed and battled on and were storming the Na Fianna forty minutes into the match. In a precision cycle from bot tower to mid, two inhibitors went down in short succession. Following a short engage near the Baron pit, X Gaming made a second charge on the enemy nexus and tore it apart. It would be X Gaming versus Full Troll Mode in the grand final.

The team concentrates during a match.

The final best-of-three started with a number of close encounters in both top and bot lane, tons of early aggression being applied but both teams managing to escape just in time. The Full Troll Mode combo of Janna and Caitlyn eventually caught out Lucian, giving them First Blood after seven and a half minutes. The Trolls also made short work of top lane, both towers going down in only thirteen minutes. Some superb long-range Nidalee spears and the brute force of Renekton meant that X Gaming could not hold their base when the teams grouped up, and the first win went to Full Troll Mode.

X Gaming were not going to let the destructive bot lane duo return for the second game and picked up Caitlyn themselves. There would be no return of Nidalee either as she was swiftly banned out during Champion Select. These choices paid off quickly as the roaming mid lane Karthus of X Gaming picked off the Miss Fortune bot lane replacement of Full Troll Mode for First Blood. Despite Full Troll Mode pulling ahead as the teams moved out of the laning phase, this was X Gaming’s game to lose. One swift storm up mid lane was all it took to overwhelm and almost Ace the Troll team, levelling the scores out at one game each and sending the final into a third game decider.

Despite denying Full Troll Mode their bot lane destroyer once again, it was X Gaming’s Caitlyn herself who gave up First Blood to a well-placed shot from Lucian. One kill swiftly became two as Shyvana took out Kayle in the top lane, and from then on Full Troll Mode were firmly in the lead. A three-for-two trade was nearly a three-for-three and would have clawed back some much-needed gold for X Gaming, but a devastating team fight and a Final Spark deadshot from Lux gave Full Troll Mode a clean Ace and paved the way for their victory.

Full Troll Mode collect their first place prize!
Full Troll Mode collect their first place prize!

Congratulations go to Full Troll Mode, and we hope it is not the last we see of these promising Irish teams.

Final Standings:

1st Place:
Full Troll Mode- €500 | 27,190 RP
2nd Place:
X Gaming – €250 | 8230 RP
3rd Place:
Na Fianna – €125 | 4050 RP
4th Place:
Elysium – €125 | 4050 RP