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Mechatrons are Ireland’s leading creators of entertainment and educational robotics. They have consulted on or created amazing special effects and props for movies and TV such as Vikings, Reign of Fire, King Arthur, Top Gear, Robot Wars, Scrapheap Challenge and many more. If you are interested in robots, and who isn’t, then this is exhibit to see.  Mechatrons create all manner of robots; some are autonomous, some are remote controlled, some are large, some small and some just plain crazy – but they’re all cool! They even set a Guinness World Record for the world’s fasted Rubik’s cube solving robot.

You will see some of the actual robots from TV’s Robot Wars or you can have your photo taken with exact and working replicas of other famous robots from pop culture such as R2-D2, the Daleks and even a Creeper from Minecraft!

Robots PageWant to try robotics yourself? Check out the educational robotics demos or have a go at Robot Mini Wars where you can operate a battle robot in Robot Mini Wars Hockey.

If you’re really lucky, you may get a chance to meet AL-3X, a cyber-lifeform that was left on earth by a passing spaceship. AL-3X is now a hard working domestic assistant who likes dancing and walks on the beach but dreams of stardom in robot show business. Either way, AL-3X is always happy to meet new people and learn new things about his new home planet.

The Mechatrons World of Robots is an exciting and noisy environment.  If you are bothered by flashing lights, loud noises, screaming children or robots brutally destroying each other, then this may not be for you.  Otherwise, prepare for a technological extravaganza!