*bursts into the room singing the theme tune* DU DU DU DU DU DU DU DUUUUU! With the eighth season of Game of Thrones on the horizon, the ruler of Westeros will soon be decided! But who will it be? Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, Cersei Lannister…or you?

Take glory, rule, and win the Game of Thrones as the Fancosmic Iron Throne Experience arrives at Comic Con Ireland!

The stunning recreation of Aegon the Conqueror’s spectacular throne, made from the surrendered swords of his enemies, is bringing the drama of the Game of Thrones to life. Dispense justice to friends and foes from atop the Iron Throne replica, and even have your photograph taken to prove your royal status!

Legend says that the original creation took a thousand blades and fifty-nine days of hammering to build, and you can witness all of its pop-cultural glory in high-definition proximity! But beware- the jagged display of spikes and twisted steel is said to remind its occupants that no king should ever sit easy…

Come along and let the Game of Thrones commence with the Iron Throne Experience over the 13-14th October!