Do I qualify to book a table in the MCM Comic Con Comic Village?

To qualify for the chance to book a table in Comic Village at MCM ireland Comic Con you need to adhere to the following conditions:

1, You must be a Comic Creator, Comic Artist, Comic Illustrator, Comic Writer or Small Press Publisher, indy or pro.
2, Tables are NOT for general retailers or comic retailers.
3, You cannot sell trinkets, jewellery, crafts or anything that isn’t directly related to your Comic, Comic Illustration or Comic Publications.
4, You must not recreate copyrighted art or products that you do not have the permission to do so. NO FANART.

For questions regarding the MCM Comic Con Comic Village whether on how to book or General Enquiries relating to this area only, please Email:

If you are not a Comic Creator who qualifies to book a table or want to sell items not directly linked to your comic please CLICK HERE to book a normal sales table.

[bs_button type=”primary” size=”large” href=”comic-village-booking-form” value=”Click Here for ‘CLICK TO BOOK A COMIC VILLAGE TABLE”]

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